Our Turn

I wanted to share this with my readers one more time before putting it away forever.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Our Turn

We went to your house, and we sat in the driveway

We went to your house; there was nobody home.

We went to your house, for the day ’twas Thanksgiving;

a time when all hearts turn to family and home.

We walked through the courtyard.

We stood on the lawn.

We banged your doorknocker,

then started to yawn.

No mortals to greet us; no morsels to eat.

We suffered, with nary a tidbit or treat.

We’d brought smashed taters.

We’d brought apple pie.

We’d brought sugared berries; a cranny surprise.

We thought you’d be waiting, but oh, what a shock.

The curtains were drawn and the doors were all locked.

Did we get the day wrong?

Did we “miss the boat”?

Did we bake in vain; is that “all she wrote”?

Dejected, we left with our bundle of goods;

over the river and back through the woods.

I waited, all bated; to Facebook I’d post,

when I realized this year, it was our turn to host.

With cherry-red face and a hint of chagrin,

I opened the front door and bid you come in.

All That You Need

000all u need

As our family heads into the Thanksgiving holiday, this one fact is on our mind:

We have all we need! 

We may not have…

New cars.

Vacation homes.

Bulging bank accounts, or a bevy of rental properties.

We don’t own our own businesses.

And we don’t have jet setting lifestyles, but…

We have all we need!

We have all we need and most of what we want in this life.

We are grateful and thankful to God for these things. 

He is the One who has made it possible for us to live in safety and comfort all the days of our lives.

Do we struggle sometimes?  Yes!

Do we strive to have more?  Sometimes,

But we also share with others, and invest ourselves in others, and benefit from knowing them, and pray that God will bless them with as many blessings as He has given to us.

We have all we need!

This Thanksgiving, we are praising God and thanking Him for all we have and for all that is yet to come.  He is the God of promises and blessings, so we figure there is more on the way.

We have all we need, but what’s He’s got, yeah, we’d gladly take a lil more.

Hallelujah, what a Savior!

What are you thankful for this time of year?  How has God blessed you with all you need?

I Never Thought…


I never thought that I would be someone who could eat the same thing for breakfast every day.

Today I do, and it is healing my body!

I never thought that I would be someone who could lose 100 lbs.

I have, and it’s made all the difference!

I never thought I would be someone who would author two blogs and write devotionals every day of the week.

God has blessed me with an active mind and nimble fingers.  I am thankful.

I never thought I would find a group of like-minded individuals who would support me unconditionally, love me at my worst, encourage me when they were busy with their own lives, and listen to me sob into a tissue the same words I’ve said a hundred times before, without seeming bored or saying, “Just buck up, will ya?”

I have found those people, and continue to seek them out every Sunday morning and Monday night.

I never thought that I would be married this long, to a man this special, and have children this thoughtful, and grands this adorable.

I have all this and more…an extended family that blesses me in a hundred, thousand, billion ways each day.  I love them all, and their love for me is what’s made me a better person day after joyful day.

I never thought that I would sit in the seat of unmerited grace and have love lavished on me so freely.  I didn’t think it was possible to see this much of God through humanity.  I never knew how deeply His love would alter who I’d become.  How could I have imagine a life this rich?

I now know.

I am blessed.

I am remembered.

I am preserved and protected.

I have a Daddy in heaven.

I am not orphaned.

I belong!

How lucky am I to be called a child of the Living God!!!

Why do you feel lucky today?  What relationship or routine in your life has made all the difference?

Goals-Nov 19 2015


Three goals is what I’m here to share with you today.

Well, not really three goals, but rather, my progress with those three teeny, tiny goals I have set for myself in November.

Eat..Exercise…Meditate–this is what I’m trying to do. 

How am I doing with my November Goals?

I am doing well!

In fact, very well.

In fact, I am doing well with my goals in spite of…

–A continuing disconnect with a friend that has challenged me emotionally.

–Daylight Savings Time changes in NEPA, which have wreaked havoc with my sleep patterns.

–Temptation’s allure to sleep in, skip my routines, and/or go at them at half speed and with lil enthusiasm.

If you have not read a Three Goals Thursday post of mine before, let me explain what I am doing with this initiative.  I am challenging myself to set three goals every week, as a part of my regular routine in the hope of developing some eating and exercise habits that will unconsciously serve me in the future.  I am experimenting with this method for convincing my brain that when I set a goal in place, I WILL WIN!!!

The secret behind this training with the brain is the setting of teeny, tiny goals that are EASILY achievable. Setting such goals has become a habit for me, and the result has been I am WINNING on a regular basis.

Woohoo, it feels good to WIN on a REGULAR basis!

This week I achieved these goals:

I ate oatmeal for breakfast every day.

I exercised for 12 minutes every morning.

I’m also read and meditated for 5 minutes every day.

One facets of success for me with my goals has been to perform the actions attached to them early in the day. That way, I don’t lose steam or give in to temptation to not do them that day. I do allow myself the latitude to do them later in the day if need be, but for me, achieving my goals early is the secret to continuing success.

I’m happy to say that keeping the same goals through November has been working out for me. I was afraid it would not.

What I am learning as a result of my goal-setting initiative:

–Even when I don’t feel like it, I can do those things I have promised to myself I will do.

–I am a WINNER EVERY TIME I complete the goals I have set for myself, no matter that goal’s size.

–I don’t have to allow feelings to rule in my life.  Yeah!  Feelings are not dependable, AT ALL!

–Setting goals makes me 100% more likely to attain them, than not setting them.

–Forward movement demands a plan and action—so I plan, plan, plan, and then do, do, do!

What discoveries have you made about yourself, as you have been working diligently to achieve your teeny, tiny goal list?  What makes you feel like a winner?

Kids Say the Cutest Things

000boy thinking

This morning I heard the funniest story.  It is repeated here with the teller’s permission.

Lil Timmy, who just happens to be five years old, was in Sunday school when his teacher made a rather emphatic statement about God’s perspective on sin.

Tim’s teacher said:  God hates idolatry!

This caused a good deal on confusion in the lil tyke’s mind.  Once having processed the statement, though, he came back with this observation:

Why would God hate the Dollar Tree? I love the Dollar Tree!!!


What comical thing has your kiddos said lately?  What one thing does your mini-me do that always gets a giggle outta you?