Getting Ready for Easter

Yesterday we got an early Palm Sunday message delivered to us at church.

As part of his message delivery Pastor shared the fact that while we spend months getting ready for Christmas, buying gifts, decorating the house, planning the meals and time with our family members, Easter doesn’t get as much attention.

He’s right! I hadn’t done much to get our home ready for the holiday, other than think a time or two about what we’d eat.

I’m always thinking about what we’ll eat. ;)

The first thing I did when I got home yesterday was decorate our dining room table for the holiday that is quickly approaching. At least I could do that, right?

Then, today, I remembered it was Music Monday and I decided to share a song written by Keith Green–the Easter Song–on this blog. I hope this music video helps you to get in the mood to celebrate the work done on Easter morning so many years ago. Like Pastor said, the manger doesn’t mean much without the empty tomb.

I love Keith Green. Maybe you will too.

The Easter Song. Enjoy!!!


3.  3.  0.

Number on the clock.

Insomnia strikes again.

Will never wanna get up.

2.  15.  15

A house number?

A combination lock?


The date  of my last all nighter.

1.  0.  00

Time our coffee clatches.

Button down the hatches.

Storm outside a raging, we will never make it.

2.  14.  06

Time I peter out.

Time I finally nap.

Wait, maybe not…

Long night.

Long Night!!!


This past Sunday our topic around the circle was curses.

Curses can be found aplenty in Matthew’s gospel, chapter 23.  Yep, that’s right. Curses are found in the Bible, along with a lot of other things you might not know are there.  Again and again in that text Jesus speaks the fateful words, “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites…you blind guides…you snakes…you vipers!!!!”


Why would Jesus speak curses over the religious leaders of his time?

My guess: because this story records Jesus’ last week of life on earth.

Soon, Jesus would be gone, and when he was, these men would no more see him or hear from him until and unless they proclaimed Him blessed and asked Him to complete FOR THEM the saving of their souls. This is the Messiah’s last chance to tell them what they need to know. His last chance to save some.  His last chance this side of redemption to gather them in.  He needed to be emphatic for their sake, because this was THEIR last chance.

He says as much in vs 34:  I tell you , you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.'”

During the Lenten season, I’m wont to reflect upon my own Pharisaic ways…my blind spots…my willful pride…the minutia of my life that feeds that part of me that craves the law but neglects love.

What I assume is that Jesus could have said some of these same things to me. 

What I KNOW is that without Jesus, I would be straining gnats while swallowing camels and choking myself in the process.  Cuz, yeah, let’s face it–I likes me a bit o camel stew every now and then.

That’s why Jesus is so important in my life. 

On my own, I’m a stubborn, blind, vipe-ish and reckless Pharisee.

With Jesus, I’m still a Pharisee some days, but I’m also covered in crimson grace.

Do you see a bit of the Pharisees in you today?  What are you craving as you move closer to Easter Sunday?


The last couple of days I’ve been sick.  Bob had a sinus infection that began last weekend and it seems he may have passed it along to me. Ugh. Us.  J has been sick, too, and will probably pass it along to all the North-Forty Hoose’s.

Oh, joy!

I went to the walk-in clinic yesterday morning and was told that my ailment was viral.  No meds for this gal.  Well, except for the nasal spray the doc ordered, but I haven’t picked that up yet and won’t unless I’m desperate.

So maybe hubs didn’t give this to me, but I’m blaming him anyway.  He has broad shoulders, he can take it.

The worst thing about being sick is the exhaustion. I had a fever two days of the three days I’ve been sick.

Fevers suck!

The best thing about being sick is that I don’t have an appetite.  That means I eat less (Oh, don’t worry, I”m still eating, nothing could stop me from eating). Eating less means I lose weight, though.  Yay. Two years ago we traveled to see family in NC, and I felt woogley the day we left.  Yucky thing about that was the travel.  Have fun finding a hotel when you’re feverish.  I’ll have to write about that sometime.  It was not a good experience.  Note: Never stay in a hotel when the lobby smells like burnt popcorn and the heater in your room spews toxic fumes when turned on.

I lost 9 lbs on that vacation, but I would have rather held onto that weight or worked it off while hiking Grandfather Mountain than to lose it by being sick while away from home and on the road. Ugh x 2.

Grandfather Mountain in Autumn

Grandfather Mountain in Autumn

Side Note:  Boone, NC is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been, especially in the fall. 

If you are ever in the area on north NC, go see Grandfather Mountain.  You will love it, I promise.  Then travel home by way of Route 60 through West Virgina.  You need some time to travel this route, but if you like country vistas, this highway will take your breath away. We went to TN first, then looped around and up into Lancaster, PA.  I think I have the directions here right. Check with Bob, he probably remembers better.  I can’t believe the memory on that guy.

Today, I’m trying to focus on getting better and letting my body heal while I leave the food alone. I’m drinking more than usual, but even that is off today. I didn’t crave that first cup of coffee in the morning, and instead went for hot tea.  Last night I was still feverish and wanted comfort food, so we had homemade soup and beer batter bread.  Ahh, that hit the spot!

What do you eat when you’re sick?  What is your favorite feel-better meal?