Prayers for Keith

Today, i received a call from a friend of mine who is now living in Witchita, Kansas.  Pamela called to say that her husband, Keith, has slipped a disk in his back and is suffering with terrible back pain that makes it hard for him to move at all, let alone go to work or help her take care of the children.  Pamela has two absolutely adorable children, Eric and Arianna.  They are both pre-schoolers with lots of energy and tons of charisma.  Eric is suffering with ear infections of late, so that’s slowed him down a bit, but knowing he and Arianna as I do, I’m pretty sure that mom has her hands full keeping up with the two of them. 

I can remember my days as a young mother; how fearful a job it was at times.  BJ, my oldest, ran a fever every time he cut a tooth and from the time that he was a year old, until he was nearly eight, he was hospitalized at least three times a year for viral croup.  talk about scary.  talk about exhausting.  Many a night we slept in a hospital chair all night, too scared to go home and lacking confidence in the nurses and doctors to spot a problem, should his breathing get worse.  When you can hear your toddler gasping for breath from your location down the hall, past the double steel doors and into the general waiting room, the hair on the back of your neck stands at attention and your hearing increases a hundred fold.  Believe me, it’s stressful!

My younger son, Matt, had colic for his first six months on this planet.  He followed that up with another six months of night terrors.  All told, we spent nearly 13 months going to his bedroom, rocking him in the darkness, trying to calm his fears, rubbing his little tummy.  Not much that we did had a long lasting effect; he simply had to go through the pain and the fear to get to the other side.

Today, i have two healthy guys and a lot of scary memories to reflect upon.  Looking back, I can see how overwhelmed i was with it all.  Had it not been for Bob, my husband, and his wonderful way with kids, I don’t know how i would have coped, so when Pamela says that Keith is not able to help her with the kids right now, my heart goes out to her.  It’s not easy being a mom.  And it’s not easy being a single mom, whether that single status comes as a result of illness/accident or divorce/separation/death.  Thankfully, Pamela won’t have to face a long term single parenthood scenario-Keith will recover-but there are lots of moms out there raising families alone who won’t get a reprieve from the stress.  I salute them.

Would you do me a favor today?  Would you take a minute to bow your head and pray for Keith and Pamela?  I believe there’s power in prayer.  While we’re at this prayer thing, would you take one more minute and pray for the single moms you know?  Ask God to fill these young/mature moms with the strength, courage, determination and love they need to guide their families through each challenge in life.  If you know a single mom who is struggling to do it all by herself, why not send her a card today and tell her you’re praying for her?  To the world, you may be just one person, but to one person [who needs to hear from you], you may be the world.


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