Hard to believe

The Trout Family

The Trout Family

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two months since i lasted posted an entry to my blog.  what’s that about?

Above, is a picture of part of my extended family.  My mom, Joyce Trout, is seen in the middle of this shot in front of the evergreens.  My brother, Will Trout, is on mom’s right as you view the photo.  Dani, on the far left in red, is the photographer in the family.  She set up this shot.  Check out her other work, which is amazing, on www.bardenphotography.com.

Over the last two months the Hoose household has been hopping.  Baby Jessup is growing daily, many hours of Christmas shopping have taken place and oh yeah, Matt crashed his car.  Yep, he crashed his Plymouth Breeze.  Rather, he was in the way when an inexperienced driver took to the “major highway for the first time,” made a left hand turn into Matt’s lane, and crashed his car. 

He was driving, I was a passenger, and the car is totalled.  I got beat up a bit from the seat belt, but Matt was fine.  The driver of the other car was taken to the hospital following the big crash and we’re not sure of her condition–she said her knee hurt at the scene.  Say a prayer for Amy, she was pretty upset at the crash site.

I don’t have any crash photos to share at this time, but i do have a few baby pics I’d like to post, and a photo of the new grandparents with baby J.  As I’m posting this note, we’re just hours away from Christmas eve-which in my book officially begins at sundown.  Don’t miss your chance to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday.  Merry Christmas, everyone! 

He's got his momma's chin

He's got his momma's chin

Stealer of Hearts

Stealer of Hearts


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