Let the redeemed of the Lord say so

In the redeemed of the Lord say so category, i want to say how thankful I am to be a child of the Living God today.

 Last night, our CO2 detector went off AGAIN.  The stupid thing went off in November, around Thanksgiving time, and then again in December, during a dinner with friends.  Both times i changed the batteries and reset the unit, and it quit going off.  After that second alarm in December, however, we learned that our furnace had a defect inside of the burner chamber and we had that fixed, thankful that our alarm had probably functioned properly after all.  Last night’s alarm prompted me to call the Fire Department and have them come out to check the carbon monoxide levels in the trailer–not ready to die of CO poisoning in the night.  Argh!

 While we waited for the volunteers to ascend our hill, with engine and ambulance in tow, our CO2 detector went off twice more, this time on the porch in the open air in 40 degree unseasonably warm weather.  Not cool!

the end of the story is that the fire department determined our tester was faulty, there was no CO in the house, and we should replace our detector as soon as possible, but were most likely safe to return to our house.  Mauser did great, by the way, barking very little, although he DID shake all over while they were there!


I left the house at 9:30pm to traipse down to Walmart to buy another CO2 detector–ya know i would not have slept all night otherwise–and we installed that and went to bed, trusting in Almighty God to keep us through another night. 

 It’s that last part that strikes me this morning. 

 I tend to forget how blessed we are in my family to know the Lord and believe in Jesus Christ.  Every day, in a zillion ways, he makes our lives better, richer, more purposeful and targeted.  He provides jobs for us, food to eat, medical care we need to live heathy lives and friends with which to enjoy the journey.  Although we could NOT ask for more, more is exactly what God gives!  A path of right living to follow, a way to decide the future, patience when we’re under stress and forgiveness when we screw up, which i frequently do.  By and large, this relationship we have going with God is the BEST thing that has ever, EVER happened to any of us, and as i’m typing this today, I’m thankful.  I’m redeemed and i want to say so!  Our God IS good, no matter what the circumstances might be.  He’s good ALL the time.  I’m so glad I have the Lord acting as a shield to my back. He’s the best protector, defender, father and friend a gal ever had and I love him!!!

check out this link to learn about obtaining your own CO2 detector:



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