This, that and the other thing…

Posting messages at the end of the work week is always fun.  I get to recap everything that has gone on in my world and close out the week with a summary of details.  Today, I want  to comment on a variety of things I’ve been thinking about, first of all the weather. 

Yuck!  It is wet, cold, dank, dark, nasty and not-at-all-pleasing out there this morning.  Coming to work, I had to cover my head with a scarf just to keep it from working into some crazy mess of knots that would connote a bad hair day.  I know we need the rain (enough people have said so, and they wouldn’t lie to me, would they?), but this week I was really hoping spring was here to stay.  Silly me, don’t I know that celebrations of all things green will have to wait a few weeks.  Still, the heads of the tulips and croci [is that the plural for many crocuses?] are popping above the brown soil about now, so I’m anxious for spring.

Last night I was trying to sleep, when I heard a weird thumping noise outside the house.  It wasn’t a steady stream of thumping or I probably would have pulled my lazy bumm out of bed and checked to see what the matter was out there in the dark.  Instead, and because it wasn’t a constant thumping, I decided to register the thought in my mind that I should check on the thumping once morning had broken, then I tried to go back to sleep.  Thump.  Thump, thump.  This thumping kept up intermittently all night long.  This morning, I find out that the back door was open all night long and THAT was the mysterious thumping I was hearing while trying to sleep.  Amazing.  We have a little dog who lives with us and a rather large cat, a drop off -can you spell P R E G N A N T- who has taken up residence outside our home, yet neither one of them changed places during the thumping in the night.  Mauser was still in his coop this morning when I went to check on him after finding the door open, and Dartmouth, Dart for short, was apparently still outside, as she should be.  There were no coyotes, chipmunks, raccoons or bears found in our house.  Maybe the thumping kept them awake too. They were probably relieved to have the door closed once again so they could go back to sleep.

Wednesday this week was April Fool’s day.  No one played any dirty tricks on me, for which I am very grateful.  I hate practical jokes, so April Fool’s is not one of my favorite holidays.  I’m glad it’s passed without incident for another year. 

This week I seemed to lose steam with regards to our modular project.  Some discouraging news early in the week burst my bubble and it’s been hard getting excited about it again.  We have received a Commitment Letter from the bank, and I must say that either I’m very stupid, or this document  is created with the express purpose of ensuring that we, as the buyer, do not understand half of what is recorded there.  Can I hear an “Amen” to that?  Why do legal documents have to be so excruciatingly difficult to navigate and comprehend?  I’m thankful for my real estate attorney.  I can’t imagine going through this without his insight and expertise.

Well, that’s about it for another week.  In closing, I want to mention something that has been nagging at me all week long.  Sometimes, I am struck with these weird compulsive thoughts-observations I have about the world that just will not go away until I express them.  This week, it was the thought that millions of people out there suffer from BES, or Black Elbow Syndrome.  Have you seen them, those people who are marked by the stain of a black smudge on the outter boney part of their elbow?  Some people also have this stain on the back of their necks or below the cap of their knee.  While others may be able to close out their week without commenting on this phenomenon, I just can’t seem to follow suit.  I must speak forth this wisdom:  Applying a nubbie terry washcloth to that area of your arm and vigorously rubbing back and forth for 1 minute after each shower will make it virtually impossible for you to suffer from BES any longer.  That’s all it takes.  A little elbow grease, some dial soap and a determination to suffer from BES no more.  There, I’ve said it.  I’ve done my civic duty and now feel at peace with the world.  I can now cruise into the weekend knowing I left this first week of April 2009 a little saner, a little safer and a little wiser for having been here.

Thanks, everyone who regularly reads my stuff.  I love writing it, and I LOVE knowing you’re reading.  May God bless you abundantly this week and make your fondest wishes come true.  Have a great two-day vacation!

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