Faith in uncertain times

My coworker came to me today with the news that two people in our small business are getting laid off this week.  She’s worried, for obvious reasons.  Things don’t look good for many businesses right now, save those that are predicated on health care.  People will always get sick, and they will oft times break bones and fight off diseases and run fevers.  Those who are entering the medical field this year can be relatively sure they will be employed goin into the future.  For the rest of us, only God knows what tomorrow holds. 

Only God knows if the recession we are in will turn to a depression.  Only God knows if the stock market will crash, the labor market will bottom out, or the supermarket I shop will close their doors forever.  Only God knows, so who should we trust?

The writer of Hebrews 11:1 says,”Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.”  My question then is, “What are you hoping for today?”  For me, it’s a new house that doesn’t stink of mold, doesn’t have frayed carpeting, and doesn’t act like it’s going to roll down through the pasture when the next strong wind blows. 

I’m not kidding about that last one; some nights I truly wonder if we will still be upright and in place at morning’s first light.

Thinking about what faith really is, it seems to me that it is the essence of all we hope for and the evidence that is left behind, as we try to live out our dreams in a practical way each day.  That evidence, that trail I leave behind, might be represented by lipstick stains on the forehead of my new grandson, when I bend to kiss Jessup goodnight.  My hope for him is that he will grow to be a strong man, responsible, loving, wise and godly.  The kiss is to help him achieve that goal and to let him know that no matter what, grammie is here.  That kiss given becomes the very real evidence of things unseen that I have just deposited in his love bank:  Understanding, compassion, affection, encouragement, belief that he will be who I hope him to be, and that in being that man, he will bless the world.

As I write this post, I am reminded of the poem, “Footprints”.  The impressions left behind in the sand tell the story of a Savior who is so invested in the object of his affection that he carries his beloved through the most hurtful and harmful moments of life.  Have you been there?  Has He held you in like fashion?  If I were to look at you with spiritual eyes, would I see his fingerprints all over your life? 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen.  Have a little faith today.  Leave a little evidence behind.  Pay attention to your dreams and may your prayers be filled with hopeful grace.

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