It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything to my blog, that i thought today I should post something.  Below, are a few somethings I’ve thought to post today.

Recently, Bob and I celebrated our our 35th Wedding Anniversary.  Wow, thirty five years together. It doesn’t seem possible.  We’ve raised two wonderful sons together and have added a smart, witty and beautiful daugher-in-law to the mix, who last September gifted us with the most handsome grandson in the world.  I feel like a truly lucky woman at this stage in life and want to thank God for all of his excellent gifts to me.  He’s good all the time.

Last evening, I received a book in the mail from BJ, Megan and Jessup, The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster.  Megan said that she read the book while in school and she and BJ recently read it to one another.  Upon advancing into the story, BJ said to her, “Mom has got to read this.”  They have sent it to me for my birthday and already I’m loving it.  I’ve just left the land of the Doldrums, and look forward to the rest of my trip to Dictionopolis.  If you’ve read the book, let me know.  We can compare notes.

Last Sunday, the son of one of my close friends stood in church and gave a testimony about how God had saved him from a life of selfishness, rebellion and destruction.  At such a young age, I was astonished to hear him speaking so eloquently and with such tenderness about what Jesus had done in his life.  He’s been through a really rough patch the last few months, made some decisions that will affect him always, and regrets how badly he’s behaved, as he hurt his mother and father and caused his family to tear apart.  The fact that he has been in church nearly every week since his return home, and that he would stand and declare God’s goodness all on his own, without prompting from his mom (or even her knowledge of what he was about to do), is proof to me of God’s power to change lives, according to our prayers.  I won’t soon forget the courage “B” displayed that day.  I’m still astonished to have seen it happen. 

Today, Bob and his sister and brother-in-law, Chris, are working on the fencing in the pasture across from our house.  We have had quite a time keeping the animals in lately, and because of the same, sold our draft horse, Molly, and our goats, Lynus, and the kids, last week.  We still have Rosie and Mercedes at the house, but continue to have problems keeping them secured in the fencing we have, which is totally not up to the beating they give it.  Today, Bob will has help getting the single strand fencing  and posts up, and he’ll try the solar powered fence charger for the first time.  I’m hoping this will discourage the nightly adventures of our horse and donkey, especially since we live in fear that they will be hit by a passing car while standing in the middle of the road on a foggy night.  Animals:  They can be a handful, and these are no exception.  We’ll be glad to have the assurance that they won’t wander to the neighbors.  Good fences make good neighbors, they say.  I’m pretty sure our neighbors would agree.

That about does it for my update today.  I’m feeling better about having gotten something down on this page today.  I’ll end my post with a picture of the handsomest grandbaby in the world.  His name is Jessup, and I hope you will agree, he’s a charmer AND a keeper!

Mr. Blue Eyes

Mr. Blue Eyes


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