yep, it’s friday

car 211:38am today, I’m on lunch, but my mind is still at the office.  I pull into BK’s parking lot and multi-tasking, per usual, I grab the current crazy book I’m reading in snip and snaps between life, and I exit the car, thinking the whole time that I have tons of paperwork in the back seat that has SSN’s and other private stuff on it, left over from being at the law office during closing last night.  I want to protect our identity, from miscreants and especially car theives, so I want to make sure I lock the car doors, right?  I do.  I reach over, hit the manual lock button on the driver door, exit the car and head for the lobby of the restaurant.  It isn’t until I’m half way there I think, “Oh, no, did I lock the keys in the car?”

<insert sinking feeling>

Putting down my book inside BK, I search through my bag, and my pants pockets.  No luck.  Drats. I search again, thinking I’ve probably locked my car keys in my car.  Nuts!  Frustration sets in, as I cross back over the parking lot to check on the situation.  Once having arrived, I peek in the window and find my keys dangling from the ignition, nice as you please.  Blurg!  Gingerly I put my hand on the door knob for the passenger side door–because we all know that if you tiptoe through the tulips of life, you won’t get stung by a nasty bee.  Hey, it may be that this gingerly technique works for me one day. Maybe.  Sometime.  In the future. 


In fact, it worked today!  The car door opened under the pressure of my fingertips upon the lever.  I was shocked, and pleasantly so.  It isn’t until I leaned in to get the keys that I found I had not only left them in the ignition, but the car was RUNNING. 

Yes, you heard me right.  I had left the keys in a running car and walked away to get lunch, while rumminating on a hundred different things that were flying through this multi-taskers brain.

Suffice it to say, I am glad that the engineers who crafted the Buick LaSabre had gals like me in mind when they designed anti-lock mechanisms in the doors on my car.  I got back to work on time and Bob did not have to come to town to get me.  It’s been a good day.


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