its been so long

It’s been so long since my last blog entry that I wouldn’t blame people if they never visited my site again. I’m sorry people, I’ve been mondo busy with the move-in and work, so that I have not found the time to write much lately. I’m hoping that changes soon and we can get internet at our house, providing more opportunities for me to share with you what’s going on in my life.

As you may know, we have moved into the house. The trailer is now empty, Bob having worked day after day to move EVERYTHING across the lawn and up the hill to our new modular.

As of this post, we have accomplished a lot. We still have to get our rain gutters up, unpack a million boxes, get a platform bed installed ready to accept our new mattress, and paint almost all the interior walls, but we are making progress. One rather disturbing bit of news is about all the bugs we have in the house. I mean tons of flies and ladybugs, plus the occassional bee and wasp. I can say I know how the Egyptians must have felt when God sent the plague of frogs and flies in the land. They seem to come from every corner, and right through the front doors, around the casings. Gotta talk to someone about that and see if it can be fixed. Yesterday, after church, Matt used the vacum cleaner to suck up about 300 of the things, crawling on every surface we own. Gross!

One really amazing thing about having this house, though, is the opportunity we will have to host our extended family over the holidays this year. Yay! We can’t wait for BJ and Megan to try the new room and for baby J to try his new legs on our new hallway carpet. He’s walking now, and oh, so, heartwarmingly cute is he in the process. I’ve decided to attach a picture of him in his halloween outfit for this year–a little pilgrim turkey, come early to the party.


THIRSTY TURKEYGobble, gobble.

I’m running out of time for this post, so I’m going to say “good-bye” for now. Thanks for all your prayers during our recent relocation. If you’re in our neck of the woods and you have the time, stop by. We’ll keep the coffee pot on for you.  You might even run into an adorable turkey to cuddle with-ya never know.  Until then, have a blessed holiday season everyone!

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