Waiting Expectantly

Hallelujah, Come Lord Jesus!  

Today, the Lenten season begins.  Today, our waiting commences.  Today, we are reminded that today is the day of salvation.  Today, Easter Sunday is just 45 days away!  Woohoo, what are you waiting for today?    

Over the next 45 days, I hope to write on the topic of waiting every day.  Everyday, I hope to focus on what it means to wait expectantly.  Is my mind stayed on Him?  Am I ready for his appearing?  Am I cleansed in the blood of the Lamb?  Will Easter be a day for me to revive my spirit once more in His presence?  I pray the answer to all these questions is yes, a resounding YES!   

I have some friends that are waiting expectantly at this time.  One is waiting for her healing to come.  It’s on the way.  Another is waiting for her dad to be released from the hospital.  He will be home soon.  Still another is waiting to meet her youngest child’s first girlfriend-the son of her youth who brings her joy many days hence.  What a night that will be–I’m waiting to hear all about it. 

My husband is waiting for his schedule at work to be decided.  My niece is waiting for a baby she doesn’t know, but already loves with her whole heart.  My nephew waits for his adopted children to come home from Ethiopia.  My mom waits for spring, longer days,more day light and warm breezes.  They’re coming mom, wait expectantly.  

Perhaps you are waiting for something wonderful to happen in your life today.  May I encourage you?  We serve a God of possibilities, who is not slow to act, but patient, waiting for us to see the need we have for a powerful Savior and to call on his name.  If you’ve already called out your need, be assured, He has heard.  If you are waiting until the time is right to call on Him, be advised, the time is right-now is the day. 

Lent begins today.  Wait with expectation!!!


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