I Love Easter

Yesterday, I confessed that I LOVE Easter.  I do.  Easter is a magical holiday:  A time for joy, a time for renewal; a time for smelling fresh scents on the breezes and hearing robins whistle me awake every morning with the promise of another Spring; a time for remembering that sin’s curse has a wonderful remedy in Jesus Christ!  Oh, yeah, I love Easter!   

I also love the Lenten season.  Lent has its own magical feeling that comes from the anticipation of Easter.  I am a pragmatist, so I appreciate the practical applications from my faith that Lent provides.  I also appreciate the fact that Lent gives me something to do that is positive in nature.  During Lent, I can deny myself something I really love, thus practicing the art of sacrifice, or I can add something into my otherwise predictable routine (like a special daily devotion or Lenten prayer).  By doing this, I add a layer of spiritual richness to my faith that on an ordinary day would not exist.  

What is it you are either adding or subtracting from your Lenten schedule this year?  Is it helping you to draw closer to Christ—to wait with increased anticipation for his appearing?  If not, can you switch things up a bit, try something new or maybe provide yourself with a bit of a challenge?   

During Lent 2010, I have decided to practice the art of patience.  I’m doing that by making a concerted effort to expect less of the people around me.  I realize it’s a sort of backward discipline. Most motivational speakers encourage people to expect more, reach higher, stretch further, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”   

It all sounds good, but unrealistic expectation produces sour results in my life.  I don’t like disappointment, so this year I’m going to head it off with a preemptive strike.  I’m focusing on what may be done, instead of what must be done, and I’m working to be more positive as I wait for His appearing. 

“My grace is sufficient for you…” God says.  Expectantly I wait.  How about you?

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