Back at work

Today is Friday.  Yay!  As I am writing this blog entry, I’m glad the week’s end has arrived.  This week has been busy for me, making it impossible for me to up with my schedule of writing every day.  I’m bummed about that.  I had wished to write something every day when I began this Lenten season of waiting.  My downfall was sickness that grabbed me on Thursday of last week.    

I had the dreaded summer head cold which took me down, flat. 

Congestion, headache, runny nose, sinus inflammation—it was all there, and it all combined to keep me in bed for two days.  On Sunday, I finally arrived at church feeling a wee bit like myself, and ready to face the world, and then Monday came, with stacks and stacks of work that had been left for me to do in my absence.  Needless to say, I have spent this week playing catch up.  I feel like many secretaries do when they return from being sick; that it isn’t quite worth it to take time off, because when you get back there is more to do than ever before.   

One thing I learned while I was sick at home, waiting to be well again is no fun.   

It’s Friday today and I’m caught up with the work load I faced when I returned to the office at the beginning of this week.  Tonight, I can go home knowing that piles of left over assignments will most likely not be waiting for me at the beginning of next week.  What will be waiting for me, however, is Easter and more of the Lenten season which precedes it.  I’m glad for that, because I’m not ready for Easter yet.  Not ready for the holiday to come. Not ready for the waiting to end. Not ready to fully have absorbed all that Christ wants for me to soak in during this waiting season.   

I’ve grabbed a few bags of candy (very few, for I’m dieting), and I’ve grabbed a few individual treats to put in Easter baskets once the holiday arrives.  What I have not done is spend enough time in meditation.  I want to understand the Easter Savior who gave his life for me, and the Father who sent him to live and die, that I might die, then live.  As I look forward to the Easter holiday, I think how joyful my life has become because of this Savior, and once more I am washed in gratitude.  I could be negative about the fact that I haven’t done what I set out to do.  I could beat myself up for missing deadlines with writing and not taking the time to spend in reading my Bible and meditating on His Word.  I could do those things, but because of Jesus, I don’t have to.  What a treat!  For today, I will forgive myself my shortcomings.  I will rejoice in new beginnings and I will continue to wait.  Good things are coming people—Easter is only thirty days away.  Just enough time to find peace.  I’m waiting patiently for his arrival, and feeling stronger every day.  How about you?


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