Summer’s sweet fruit

Ain’t life grand?  Last week, my son and grandson were down for eight glorious days.  The fun we had.  In my book, there is nothing better than getting together with family and friends to laugh, love, share, encourage and just be yourself.  Our week started out with a simply arrival on Monday and progressed to playdates at the park, wheel barrow rides in the yard, dinners of blueberries, strawberry’s and mangoes, and lots and lots of picture taking.  Hugs, horsey rides, porch swings and picnics were all a part of the fun.  I thought I should share a few of the photographic highlights here.  Enjoy!  And remember, they grow up wayyyy tooo fast, so hug them while you can. 

Jessup loved the rides his uncle gave him around the yard.  How fun to be in the wide open spaces provided by country living.

This new camera of mine takes the nicest pictures.  Yep, he’s a big boy, for sure.

Another favorite:  The train set at Barnes & Noble. 

Don’t let him fool you, Elmer the Elephant was more than willing to pose for this shot.  In fact, he loved the attention.

Summer is passing too quickly.  All the more reason to be grateful for the moments we had together this week and the blessings that came to Megan, as she served her Savior in far away Haiti.   This week, we’re giving it up to God for all the blessings in our life.  We have a basketful of His sweet fruit:  Love, care, home, job, friends, family and all the rest.  He’s so very, very good!


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