About Prayer

“God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, and his ways aren’t our ways; we are finite, and he is infinite; we tarry but just a little while, and he is eternal.  It is important that when we are called to a deeper walk with God, we recognize that God does the calling and he defines the parameters.

Thomas a´ Kempis wrote:

 ‘We cannot trust much to ourselves, because grace oftentimes is wanting to us, and understanding also.  There is but little light in us, and that which we have we quickly lose by our negligence.  Oftentimes too we do not perceive our own inward blindness, how great it is.  We often do evil, and excuse it worse.  We are sometimes moved with passion, and we think it to be zeal.  We reprehend small things in others, and pass over greater matters in ourselves.  We quickly enough feel and weigh what we suffer at the hands of others; but we mind not what others suffer from us…Let nothing be great unto thee, nothing high, nothing pleasing, nothing acceptable, but only God Himself, or that which is of God.'”   Steve Brown, Approaching God.

 I’m currently reading Rev. Brown’s book on prayer and finding it encouraging.  If you are interesting in knowing more about prayer, I recommend this book.


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