Granna Goodness

Gibber Jabberer

Today, I received my FIRST grandson initiated phone call to my office.  Oh, what a joy it was! 

To be honest, I initially thought this was one of those bizarre 911 situations you hear about on TV, wherein a toddler picks up the phone and dials emergency services because mommy is passed out or can’t speak.  Mommy was neither this morning.  Hearing all that gibber jabber on the other end of the line, how could I know it was our own sweet J? 

If you are not a granna yet, you cannot imagine how delightful it is to hear that chipper little voice on the other end of a call, wanting only to tell you about his or her day.  Glory, Hallelujah, it is grand!

Thank you, Wee One, for remembering me in your busy morning. 

Thank you, Mommy, for picking up the phone.

Thank you, Jesus, for making all of this possible.

And Thank YOU, Bob, for passing on those jabbering traits.  I love you!


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