A Bumper Crop

 The answer is, ‘I will order my blessing for you in the sixth year, so the land will produce a bumper crop, enough to support you for three years.”   Lev 25:21

A bumper crop:  Isn’t that what we’re all  looking for, that blessing from above that will make our work profitable, our love palpable and our rewards plentiful?  Sometimes, in the darker seasons of our life we wonder when that blessing is going to be loosed from heaven, when is our bumper crop going to begin to grow and flourish in our lives?  We’re ready to receive the blessing now.  Our arms are extended to the heavens, our palms upraised and eyes fixed, hoping we will ourselves witness the miracle as it comes.  Then, sadly, more rain falls.  And with it, the trials and difficulties that threaten to permanently scar our world. 

How discouraging.

Christian, today’s verse suggests that we wait for the Lord, never giving up on the blessings to come in response to our prayers.  We are urged to hang in there, flex our faith muscles, refuse to give up ground granted to us and made ours.  The conflict between our confidence as Saints and the discouragements we face is called spiritual warfare for a reason.  We are pushing back, even as the enemy pushes forward.  Satan would like to rob us of what is ours, take it from us in a second, turn everything we have to weeds and thistles.  But listen, he only has so much power in your field!  Never give him more.  You are holy ground, purchased at a price.  You have a right to retain what Jesus suffered and died to give you:  Peace, a place in His kingdom, safety, freedom from terror brought on by forces that are dark and acting outside His will.

Today and always, look to God for the bumper crop.  And be proactive.  Pray.  Cry out to God, telling Him what you need.  Ask others to intercede on your behalf.  Together, God made us to be victorious.  We are the Church, people. We have a calling to unite for the protection and encouragement of the flock.  Don’t just sit there, do something. 

Keep lifting those holy hands toward heaven.  Write a card and actually put it in the mail.  Hug someone today.  You never know what a human touch can do to bring assurance and confidence to another who may also be struggling.  Get radical.  Pay it forward–literally, pay for someone else’s gas, as they come up behind you at the pumps.  Get that coffee and donut for the guy behind you in line.  Loosen your purse strings just a little.  You can’t out give God, so use his resources to bless another.  Mimic His generosity, for He is mighty to save.

Realize, it may take some time for your blessing to materialize.  Six years it would take for the recipient of the promise reflected in our verse today.  Seems like an eternity, I know, but when God moves nothing stands in His way.  Like a tsunami, He sweeps all trouble to the side in favor of his chosen sons and daughters.  Look expectantly for your blessing to come.

Keep praying for all the Saints, and keep hope alive.  Your God will never leave you, nor does He disappoint.  Trust fully in Him!


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