…Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.  Luke 5:16

I’ve found in life that it isn’t always a bad thing to be alone.  In fact, while prayer can be effective in a corporate setting, we usually conceal our true vulnerabilities for those times when we have an audience of One. 

Today’s verse is taken from the NIV translation of the Bible.  Other translations for this passage use the word “wilderness”, instead of “lonely places”, to describe where Jesus withdrew to when he needed to communicate with Papa God.  By including this practice in his life, Jesus not only recommends it to us, but makes it possible for us to pull back from the world without guilt.  As seen through his example, there are times when we need to find a quiet spot, by ourselves, away from the chaos and enter into prayer. 

Whether it is to the wilderness of this world or the lonely places of our souls that we retreat, today is a good day to get alone with God.  It’s a good day to praise Him for being there, attentive, eager to assist, ready to be the answer to our prayers.  It’s a good day to realize that He has our lives in the palm of His hands; a good day to rejoice!

Today, listen as God shares with you all that He wants you to know through prayer.  It is in the ebb and flow of our spiritually charged prayers that we come to know God’s plan for our lives and our church.  The work of prayer is as important as any work we will ever do.  So much still needs to be accomplished…


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