Alert and prayerful

“…Keep alert and pray. Otherwise temptation will overpower you. For though the spirit is willing enough, the body is weak.”  Mark 14:38 

Keeping alert in prayer can be a difficult task.  I don’t know about you, but I have so much swirling around in this cabeza of mine that it becomes a matter of sheer will to not get distracted or lose my focus on godly concerns. And if I’m tired, well you know how that goes…

Just this morning I was asking God to help me reshape my conception of success as it pertains to my vocation.  I work in a field that doesn’t make a lot of money.  The world tries to tell me that unless I’m pulling down big bucks I’m not as valuable as the rest of humanity.  God’s message to my heart, however, is that I am called first to serve and obey, then to be faithful in witnessing, and never to worry about how I’m doing financially in comparison to others.  That type of thinking is reserved for those who have no spiritual Father to depend upon.  Concerns I might have about job, family, life or the future need to be communicated to my Savior, who will guide and direct my life according to His plan, His purpose, and my good.  Papa reminded me in my prayer time this morning that I asked Him into my life voluntarily, without compulsion; gladly, freely and with complete assurance that if I asked He would come.  I’ve never been sorry I made that request.

Some days I don’t feel up to the level of concentration it takes to do Jesus proud.  He knows; He’s dealt with human weakness before. Temptation to leave the narrow path and fall asleep is real and powerful in our world. That’s why Jesus warned us to be on our guard.  We aren’t always cognizant of how our intercessory prayers shape the outcome of spiritual battles, but we know from reading Scripture that they do.  Our prayers move the hand of God. 

Today, let’s go to the One who knows how to realign priorities for the best possible use of our will.  And in prayer, let’s praise Jesus for giving that focus of body and soul that cannot help but spell SUCCESS!


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