Pray continually.  1 Thessalonians 5:17

Sometimes life seems almost too much to bear.  You lose your job, you break your leg, a good friend gets devastating news, your own report from the doctor is not good, the car breaks down, a flood hits your home town, and now the hill behind your house has let go and slidden into your back door, requiring hundreds of dollars in order for you and your family to dig out of this mud slide.  You’re tempted to give up, throw the towel in, resign yourself to defeat, and then that email arrives.  How much can one person take, you think?  You wonder… 

When you’re in that space, God says, PRAY!

God wants us to talk to him.  I believe he wants us to tell Him what we feel, about our fears, even share with him our anger.  He wants to hear our thoughts and share our concerns.  His answer is not always going to be YES, but that doesn’t mean He has disconnected himself from us.  Today, if you feel like things have snowballed out of proportion in your life, pray.  Your prayer doesn’t have to be long, eloquent or approved by other people.  It just needs to be “real”.

Remember, others need you to stand in the gap for them when they are hurting.  Give them the support they need; physically, emotionally and most important, spiritually.  Pray for one another, and thus fulfill the will of God.

Bless you today as you pray!


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