The City

A couple of years ago now, I made a trip to New York City with a group of family and friends.  It was my first time there, and it was great!  We took in a Broadway show, visited Central Park, went to the Apple store, a mecca of sorts for the J-Man.  This past week I was reminiscing about that special time.  The following is what came forth.  I hope you enjoy it.  Lori

It’s like no other place.
Time Square teeming with humanity.
NYC coming out of its cloistered apartments,
It’s like swimming with the salmon.
We slap against one another,
struggle against the tide,
gills quivering, adrenalin pumping.
The wind tonight is bracing,
pregnant with anticipation.
Like the north waters claim the strength of the spawning salmon,
this city has depleted me.
leaving the sensation of a good empty, and a satisfying fullness.
Tonight, the city bequests a legacy,
Embeds a memory,
Hands over a big salad, in a big city, in a now bigger life.
Like the salmon, I have given my all to the experience.
Unlike the salmon, I survive the city, and return home to pick up where I left off.
“Fish, or cut bait,” they say.
As if…
What do they know? 
This is my sojourn!


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