Changing Seasons of Life

Here it is, the end of summer and I can’t believe IT’S THE END OF SUMMER!

Where did summer go? How’d it pass so quickly? I LOVE AUTUMN with its crisp coolness and bountiful colors. I love the farmer’s markets that litter the country side. I love the arrival of pumpkins and concord grapes, and late summer tomatoes. I love the idea of canning bread and butter pickles and sweet corn. Ah, the taste of one’s own sweet corn, picked from your garden and served up in the middle of February–heavenly! I don’t can myself anymore (too busy working a 9-5er), but I remember those days fondly. And I remember my gramma’s pickles and canned corn. Again, heavenly!

This year I’ve been offloading meats and processed foods from my diet, and bringing in raw, fresh, organic fruits and veggies, and whole grains, as often as I can. I’m not perfect at mixing proteins or creating a rainbow on my plate yet, but I’m a whole lot closer than I used to be and the side benefits of eating less processed and more real foods has been amazing. I’VE GOTTEN MY TASTE BUDS BACK. I’m able to breathe through my nose again.  Who knew sinus problems could be related to your diet.  I have almost no headaches. My blood pressure is as stable as it’s ever been. I’ve lost a ton of weight. My skin isn’t dry any more. My blood sugar is within normal levels. In fact, all of my blood work came back normal in June, something that hasn’t happen in at least a decade. Could all this be happening because I’ve moved away from stuff that others cooked, baked, mixed, folded, sealed and sold to me in a box, can, bag, or glass jar? I wonder!

Seems crazy to think eating a more healthy diet could do all this, but it’s the ONLY CHANGE I’VE MADE.  The results speak for themselves, right?

Did I mention that I have very few days of lower back pain anymore? Yeah, that has been one of the THE BEST thing about this whole un-processed way of living/eating that I’ve been discovering.

This fall, I’m looking forward, more than ever before, to getting out there and exploring the plant-based options for foodies like myself. Acorn squash, here I come. Pumpkin corn bread, you and I are going to get to be good, good friends. Cherries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, tomatoes, you fruits are going to be seeing a lot of me. And though I will sadly say bye-bye to watermelons checkered flesh, I am happy to announce that I intend to seek out your competitors, the apple and the pear, and GREEDILY GOBBLE ON THEM until you come back around next summer. 

Summer may have ended, but this journey’s just begun.  Look out autumn, here we come!

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