Can’t believe the CHANGE!

So, I’m on day two post physical therapy and I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH BETTER I AM FEELING. No, really, I feel 100% better than I did two days ago. So much better, in fact, that I’m wondering why I didn’t do this months ago. I think the thing that held me back was my previous experience with the chiropractor. He cracked me and he hurt me. I’m not entirely blaming him for the hurt I experienced. When I went to the chiro last year, I was one sick puppy. There were things going on with me that had nothing to do with the skeleton, but everything to do with how awful I felt.

Physical Therapy has been so much gentler on my body, thus far.  At my first appointment, I was given exercises to do to strengthen my core.  I’ve heard about core strengthening exercises before, but I guess I never learned how to do them, or just never tried them.  I am always so worried about cardio.  The PT said yesterday that our backs have very little muscle to call upon for support and help in lifting, pushing, and coming back up after bending.  The back needs support from the abdomen, pelvic area and such to get the job done, but we aren’t trained to develop those areas, so many, many, many people end up at PT with lower back and neck problems. 

During testing for my painless range of motion yesterday, the PT asked me to do a simple move.  When we were done, I had a pain shooting up my back, along my spine, all the way from my waist to the top of my head.  Not good.  And this was not a strenuous exercise. 

I’m glad to have found out what I can do to help myself feel better.

You know, as I learn more and more about taking care of myself and eating right; getting exercise and taking supplements to fill in the gaps food doesn’t take care of, I’m also realizing that the body God has given us in a miraculous curing machine.  If we feed it right and take it out for a walk every day, it rewards us with renewed vigor, clear headedness, an increased amount of energy and less pain.  Yeah!  I want less pain.

I’m praising God today for friends who have prayed me through the pain, for a physical therapist who is helping me get past the pain and for Jesus, the one who took the pain I deserved on His Cross.  It all flows together for me these days.  Food is fuel…God is Love…and Change IS possible!


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