No Romeo for Me


When I asked God for someone to share my life with, He gave me a soldier, not a Romeo.

That’s not to say that my husband doesn’t ever do things that others would label “romantic”.  He does.  But he knows that I am not the mushy, romantic type.  I am more the silly romantic that wants to dance a crazy dance in the living room with him, before I begin tickling until he begs me to stop.

Me?  I’m not ticklish.

As a child of divorce, I struggled with security issues before I wed.

After the wedding, I can say unequivocally and without reservation, that I have never had one moment when I was not fully convinced that if attacked, my husband would go to his death defending me.

Not every wife can say that, but I can.

Praise God, He knows what we need!

I’m thankful for my soldier boy today.  I love you, Bob.


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