Is a sip enough?

When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, “Will you give me a drink? John 4:7

water well

Has Jesus ever asked you for a drink of water?

Oh, I don’t mean a literal drink of water, but figuratively, what has the Lord asked of you?

Did you do it?

Did you stop what you were doing, let go of your agenda and forget about your priorities to meet the Master’s need?

It sounds funny to think of Jesus in those terms, doesn’t it? As needy, I mean. What in the world could our Savior need from us, you might ask? What deficiency could he possibly have? After all, He’s Divine.

Let’s think about that for a minute.

Jesus definitely had needs when he walked this earth. He was human, so like us, he needed to eat, drink, bath, socialize, exercise, and work. No subsidies arrived in the mailbox for our Lord. Jesus also needed companionship. He needed parents. He needed followers. He needed love. He needed time spent in prayer.

What about today, is there anything Jesus needs from the earth in this time and space?

I think He still needs love, for love is what propels missionaries to go to the mission field. I think he still needs cooperation, for together we can do what we could never do alone.  I think He still needs Change Agents who move the knowledge of his sacrifice from one place to another in this world.  Like little seed pods we are blown about by the Holy Spirit, and expected to bloom wherever we were planted. I think Jesus needs us.

Does He really need need us to complete His mission? Probably not, but He chooses to do it with our help. Aren’t you glad?

Today, think about what it is Jesus need from you.

Does He want you to stop what you’re doing, to focus on service opportunities more often? Is He calling you to put yourself out for another in need? Has He asked you to step up in church and take on a more active ministry role? Or is it simply that Jesus wants more of YOU–more of your HOME, more of your HEART, more of your LOVE?

Don’t leave our Lord standing at the well alone today, thirsty and looking for relief.

Run, quickly to serve Him.  Watch how your own thirst diminishes when you do.  Drink from the cup of Living Water He offers.  You’ll never be thirsty again.

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