Overcoming Worry


Are you a worrier by nature?

Have you ever thought, even for a moment, that this or that wouldn’t happen if you stayed vigilant?

How much time do you spend hovering over your kids?

How often do you consciously think about issues of safety or protection?

Do you ever find yourself clenching your fists, your jaw, or other muscle groups?

When was the last time you medicated yourself for anxiety?

We live in a troubled world, no doubt. If we needed any reminder of that, Boston reminded us yesterday. Evil forces exist out there in the highways and byways of life, and the danger that could overcome those we love at any moment is palpable when things like Boston occur.

Terroristic acts are meant to create anxious scenarios in our minds.

It’s not just terrorism that scares us, though. Heavens no–we can name a dozen other fearful “what ifs” that have the power to rock our world and challenge our faith in God on any given day.

Not good. Not good at all.

Today, let’s refocus our energy away from worry and anxiety, and onto fuller, more rewarding ways of processing the pain this world can sometimes deliver.

Let’s love each other deeply.

Let’s listen to real fears others have, and empathize with real loss.

Let’s pray about all the “what ifs” that surround our human frailty, asking God to strengthen our resolve to fall back on him in troubling times, and not lean on our own understanding.

Let’s forgive, as if our lives depended upon it.

Let’s encourage one another to fill the world with goodness, pushing back the evil.

Let’s concentrate our prayers on doing whatever it takes to usher God’s kingdom into dark corners.

Let’s gain a new resolve to reach others for Christ.

Let’s share our hope of heaven like we never have before.

Evil will always be a part of this world, but praise God, Jesus has overcome the world. We can too.

Together, with our Savior, we prevail. Jesus says so.  If He says it, I believe it, and that settles it.  How about you?



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