Wasteland Contrast



I think this world has turned into a wasteland. It is parched and barren and lifeless many times. It is lonely and dark and dangerous. It reeks of discontented angst and animosity.  It’s angry, drunken, and sexually perverse, taking whatever it can get, because at its core it is a thief. It manufactures wallows for those who enjoy self-pity, endless bowls of pasta for gluttons, and Hollywood award shows for narcissists who can’t be happy with their achievements unless an auditorium of onlookers are cheering their names. This, is our planet, or at least the dark side of it.

Many here are lost in self-deprecating lifestyles, and even more are mutilated or left to suffer in agony, sometimes for years, by those who prey on the unexpecting or socially disenfranchised.

Among these goats and asses, walk sheep.

Sheep are safe.

Sheep have a Shepherd who makes it His pleasure to watch over them.  

He keeps the ravenous wolves away.

He slays cougars that lay in wait to pounce.

He crushes venomous snakes that want to sink their fangs into flesh and see sheep dead.

Shepherd ewes are protected creatures.  They have a gate they go through that transports them to kingly pastures–lush acreage filled with everything necessary to supply a full and satisfying life. All of this has been given to them freely, because they are brothers and sisters of the only Lamb of God, that Great Shepherd who takes away the sins of the world.

Sheep in the world today are truly blessed. 

Sheep in the world today are also lacking, it seems to me.  Many times in the Bible readers are reminded to “fear not”.  This is so, because even the King’s sheep are often afraid.

We are timid. 

We lack confidence.

We are unsure.

We are sometimes confused and we often are beaten down by our erroneous impressions of our selves.  We are, after all, sheep.

We need power.

We need direction and encouragement and a belief that propels us forward.

We need firm footing…

But most of all, we need spirit eyes.

We need to see what glory God has in store for us.  

We need to have a sense of the wonderful things He can do with surrendered lives.

We need to step into belief.

We need to break free of the spiritual bondage satan would use in our lives to keep us down and out.

We need to know we CAN, and define CAN by God’s terms, not our own.

Today, we sheep need to live in His power, His strength, His confidence, and absolute belief in His abilities through us.

I know it’s not easy, but we need to be like that centurion/sheep who said to Jesus: I believe; help thou my unbelief.

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