Revival and a Cause

As water breaks out, God has broken out against my enemies by my hand.” 1 Chronicles 14:11

Has God ever used you as part of his strategy in spiritual warfare?  Has He ever pointed you in the direction of spiritual darkness and then pulled the trigger? Has God ever asked you to stand against the forces of evil and be a righteous banner of confidence for his cause?  He did it with Sampson, and He did it with David.  I believe he has also done it through you and me. 

When we believe in Jesus Christ and refuse to hide that belief under a bushel basket, we become this convicting influence to others wherever we go.  We don’t have to turn it on, and can’t turn it off.  As Jesus lives in us, His righteousness shines out of our mortality, an unstoppable force for God’s glory.  Is that exciting, or what?

A willing servant, God never turns away.


The East Smithfield Federated Church is hosting Pastor Tom Weaver, evangelist, preacher, and leader of Rock Solid Ministries, as the key-note speaker for revival services this week, Monday through Wednesday. I couldn’t make it to last night’s meeting, but on Sunday I was there.  My own church provided music ministry for Sunday night’s service, so I was in pew No. 4 cheering them on to victory.  That night, Rev. Weaver talked about David visiting his brothers and King Saul on the battlefield.

He talked about David seeing Goliath and how he processed his taunts.

He talked about the Philistine army and the defenses they had set up against Israel.

He talked about David’s brother, and how he mocked David and made little of him.

He shared about the enemies of Israel and how they had become enemies of God, and he talked about the cause David had for coming onto the battlefield with rocks and sling. 

He pointed out how one young avenger for the Lord was filled with holy conviction that made him a lethal weapon in the hands of our Mighty God.

It was a stirring message.

This morning my devotions took me to 1 Chronicles, and I was again reminded of God’s power and his cause. Akin to the story Rev. Weaver shared Sunday night, this book talked about God breaking through the ranks of his enemy and obliterating them, like a torrent of liquid acid.  The results were nothing less than spectacular for David.  For the whole house of Israel, as God came through big time to win another victory for his people.

Think about how that all played out today.  Ponder the image of our God as water, breaking out.

Raging rivers, flooding valleys, breached dams, and showers of heavy rain falling for days with no end in sight, these are the images that put fear into the hearts of men.  We know nothing on earth can hold the waters back once they are determined to break out. NOTHING! No levies, No dams, No sand bags, No excavation plans devised by men.

Uncontrollable water is, well, uncontrollable. Once it gets going, only devastation lies in its wake.

It’s hard to embrace the idea of uncontrollable power when you have no measure of safety against it, isn’t it?  Still, I am grateful that this Power exists in the person of Almighty God.  He’s not safe, but He is good, and that’s what I cling to as my hope in this world.  I understand that some people don’t agree with me being grateful to God for displaying His power on my behalf, against my enemies…His enemies.  Some people will forever sympathize with those who are being punished.  But if you’ve ever been victimized by a powerful abuser, you know how liberating it can be to envision God as a flood of justice that humanity cannot hold back.  We are promised our justice will come.  I am grateful every time it does. 

Today, if you catch a glimmer of demons on the run, know Water has begun to flow.

If you sense that your enemies have a little less energy to keep up their campaign of terror against you, realize that the rain has already begun to fall.

If you wonder whether or not God sees your plight and the enemy you fight against, stop and listen for the pitter patter of floods about to break out, then let your praises ring.

I know it’s not Christian-minded to wish destruction on others, but the Word tells us it is totally appropriate to take our pleas to God and then rejoice when he goes to work inside the enemy’s camp.

Thank Him for the thunder.

Praise Him for the rain.

Make sure He knows you are standing at the ready as it comes down, down, down to redeem the earth.

No umbrellas necessary.

Our God sits like a cloud of protection over us all the days of our lives.

Praise Him–He does all things well!!!


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