Forgetful Me-Thankful Me

When I have eaten and been satisfied, I have reason to praise you for the good land you have given me… Deuteronomy 8:10


Do you say grace before every meal? I have to admit, I don’t always. Sometimes I forget to praise God at the beginning of my meal, and sometimes I forget to praise Him during the meal at all. I’m not a legalist regarding meal time, although one might say I am in other ways. I believe that as long as I thank God for my meal at any time, beginning, during, or after the meal, he understands that I appreciate what he’s given me to eat.

I appreciate everything God has given me, not just my food.

I appreciate His guidance in my life, the love He has afforded me, the mercies–which are many, and the strength to surmount difficulties. Even though I don’t bow my head and say a prayer in accordance with every morsel I stick in my mouth, I do pray without ceasing throughout the day. It’s how I stay sane and connected to the most influential person I’ve ever known or loved; my Papa God.

Today, are you grateful for what God has brought into your life?

Have you thanked Him?

Have you given Him moments of your day, paying back a tithe of the time He has given you?

Have you told Him how much you love him, how dependant you are on his mercies, how he makes you feel every time you remember what life used to be like and compare that to the blessing you have now?

Have you asked Him what you could do for him today, in return for all He’s done for you?

That’s really what the table grace is all about, isn’t it? Pausing, long enough to take an inventory of your blessings because God is active in your life, and then saying, “Papa, thank you! Thank you for loving unlovable me. Thank you for being patient with impatient me. Thank you for allowing your grace to flow in my overwhelming life. Thank you for making all grace abound in the life of someone who is undeniably rough around the edges. Thank you for letting me in, keeping me safe, and guiding me forward. I don’t know what I would do without you. I hope I never have to find out. Thank you!”

I pray you are experiencing the beauty that is the Living God in your life today. We can never praise God enough for all He does for us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do it everyday.

Today, let’s try. Today, let’s do! Praise God!


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