Falling Toward Grace

Where is love? Like me, you may be asking yourself that question. Has pure love gone missing from our world today? Has it hidden itself from view for a time? Has it diminished through neglect, or been squashed by abuse? Is it on a diet, so that it won’t grow too big or make too deep an impression as it sits, silent, on the couch of life? Where is love?


It seems like everywhere we look these days, people are trying to be loving but missing the mark. Instead of pure love that puts others first, we practice self-obsession in the form of sexual promiscuity, drunkenness, discord, terroristic threats, even murder. Maybe we’ve forgotten what love looks like, or perhaps our society doesn’t care anymore whether we know love or not. What a shame. Jesus cares.

The love we often see displayed in our world today deals more with self-obsession, than a sense of community. Every magazine cover, every newsletter, every advertisement you hear or see focuses on how “we” are doing; how “we” are feeling; how much weight “we” have lost, or the new job “we” have snagged. We feel justified spending so much time thinking of ourselves, because in our estimation we spend all of our time doing for others, but do we really? Or has surrendering to this world and its ways put us on a course of unending worship of me, me, and me, to the extent that we don’t even know ourselves anymore? Is it any wonder that the occasional observer of our programs and processes stops to ask, “Where does love for others fit into all this?”

It’s rather a good question, don’t you think? Where does love for others fit into our daily self-aggrandizing grind?

God’s Word issues a warning to the Church about the dangers of justification. Living self-justified, self-satisfied lives puts us in danger of missing eternal blessings God has in mind for his children to enjoy. Worldly desires, augmented by a perverted sense of love, can cause us to lose sight of the fact that Jesus bled to see us saved and our allegiance belongs to Him alone. Have we forgotten our First and Best Love? If so, how do we reclaim Him?

We need to switch gears and realign our bodies and souls in such a way that it becomes easier, not harder, to fall toward Grace. We need to read our Bibles more, pray for others more, listen for God’s directives more. We need to find a way to shun that timid spirit that seeks to possess us, and instead embrace the courage to do right by our God and our fellows. We need to talk more with others about all Jesus has done for us. New and exciting ways to convey love to others are yet to be discovered. Let’s see what a an open heart can accomplish today. We might be surprised at the response that comes from our loving initiatives. It’s a theory that’s worthy of testing, don’t you think? Among all the great gifts given to man, the greatest of these is love.


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