Get Started, Stay Focused, Enlist Help

 But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.  Hebrews 5:14


 Last weekend my grandsons were in town.  Woohoo!  It was mommy and daddy’s twelve anniversary, so grana and grampa took the wee ones for the weekend, allowing their parents to have some alone time.  Poor BJ had a migraine during their hiatus, but other than that, I think the parents had a good time.  I know the grandparents had a fantastic time.  How could you not, with such adorable little people around? 

While the babies were with us–J is not a baby and would not be happy that I said that–mealtime was a time of vigilance.  Aaron is only two-years old, and although he has a mouth full of chompers, we are still pretty careful with his food, cutting hard things into manageable pieces and watching attentively as he sups.  He moves around a lot, and wants to laugh and play while eating, so keeping our eyes peeled is essential. We don’t want him to choke during the time he is learning to chew solid foods in a safe way. 

You parents of small children (and grandparents) know what I’m talking about.  They are such wiggle worms at this age.

For all of us, maturity comes not only in learning how to break solid foods into manageable pieces, but also in learning how to discern between good, better and best.  It’s not so hard to know right from wrong, pure from tainted, or good from evil, but beyond identifying what right is and avoiding its opposite can be a challenge. 

How do we do it? 

1.  Start the day with prayer and meditating on God’s word.  When you start with the right ingredients, recipes have a way of turning out right.  When you start with substandard materials, or take short cuts, it shows in the final results.  It’s the same with our spiritual senses.  Spending time with God each day, early in the day, fine tunes our intuition in the same way measuring cups or food scales ensure success in the kitchen.  Asking God to help, promotes help that comes from God. Start each day accurately taking stock of your pantry and getting your recipe for the day right. 

2.  Have a plan to bring the Good News to others.  Heading out the door with a plan in place ensures we will be more focused, more energized, better ready to inject God’s wisdom into man’s experience throughout the day.  Plan to be proactive in sharing your faith. Plan to be a blessing. Plan to pray for others.  Some progress is made without planning, but with more, comes more.  Our God is the consummate planner. Should we be any less? 

3.  Enlist help from others when you feel depleted.  Have you ever run a 5K or 10K?  Ever a marathon?  If so, you know that along the course are stationed volunteers with water and fresh fruit.  When a runner passes by, a volunteer offers these to help them replenish some of what is lost while running.  Asking for help from others whose faith you respect does the same for the spirit man, or woman. It’s the smart runner (and Christian) who asks for help when needed and receives help when offered.  It is he/she who wins the race.  Run in such a way to win. 

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