Fun in the Sum, Sum, Summertime

kids games

This week is VBS week at Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church, so you can imagine how busy folks there are this afternoon. Everyone is scurrying around, rushing to get things done, setting up tables and chairs, tuning guitars and CD players, making sure Bibles are in their place, and putting finishing touches on craft projects and props in order to be ready for VBS when the opening program begins at 6:30pm tonight.

If you haven’t registered your child for VBS yet, you can do it today, on line. The church has an electronic registration form available through their website, and you can access it at

I’m excited about VBS beginning tonight, and I’m writing about it today over at

If you’re excited about VBS too, hop on over the WFTW and check out my post there.  Leave a comments and we can reminisce together.

Today, my thoughts are with the kids, the volunteers, the Holy Spirit and the pastoral staff at MPWC. We have a great bunch there, some folks I’m very proud of, so if you live in the area and have children between the age of 3 and 6th grade, check it out. You can’t go wrong with VBS–it’s the best part of the summer!


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