The Write Stuff!

chapter one

Today, someone I know sent me a little note in response to the prayer devotional I do on weekdays for my church e-group.  Her words were simple:  Today’s message was for me and my family. 

I have to say that notes like that move me.  I sometimes tear up when I read them.  I sometimes smile.  I sometimes shake my head and say to myself, “Lord, you are awesome. What would we ever do without you?”

I’m always gratified to know that God is using the gift I give to my church to bless His people there.  I don’t have many spiritual gifts, and I’m not sure that writing is even considered a spiritual gift, but I know that the desire and the ability to write is God-given and I think my God has given it to me.  I’m thankful, because I can’t imagine life without writing, not for this gal. 

I tell people I can’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy writing.  I have always done so.  But for the last three years I have felt more than a simple joy in writing. I have felt a calling, a ministry impetus, and a compelling (dare I say burning desire), to capture thoughts and lay them down, hopefully in a style and manner that draws other people to read them.  Personally, I think there are millions of people across the globe who feel the same way.  I suspect the increase in writers we see today is that prophetic Word of God coming to life that says in the end times there will be a rapid increase in knowledge all over the world.  More people are writing than ever before in the world’s history, and because of electronic means, those writings are reaching more and more and more people.  As readers read, they gain knowledge.  It’s thrilling to live in a time when God’s promises are daily coming true.  Praise Him!

I write because I believe that if I didn’t write my head would explode.  I also might go insane.  If I didn’t go insane, I might become a graffiti artist who writes epic stories with a paint can in her hand.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  I love the imagery. 

For me, sanity rests at the end of my fingertips.  What in the world would I do if that connection between those fingertips and my brain ever got severed?  I shudder to think.  For now, it works.  For now, I will use it.  For now, I will look forward to  more notes that let me know I’m on the right path.  For now, I will thank God for every cogent thought I have and for the ability to write that thought down before it flies away.  That happens more and more every day too, which is why I haven’t a moment to spare.  I’ve got to get it all down, before its gone.

Writing makes me feel useful in this world.  What does that for you?  Do tell…


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