Judge, or Deliberate: one man’s opinion

From time to time I read another bloggers posts and I say to myself, “Yeah, that’s what I meant to say!” I did that today.

I’ve asked Jim Watkins if it was alright to share a link to his website  because what he had to say about judging and not judging was pretty darn good.  In fact, I thought he hit the bull’s-eye with his comments on the topic.  He said I could–so I have.


Please take a minute to check out Jim’s blog this afternoon.  He’s a guy who has some good stuff to share about how Christianity works, or how it ought to work.  And hey, anyone who uses CS Lewis as a reference for his writing is okay in my book.  More than okay.

Enjoy, and if you feel so led, comment on what you’ve read here.  I’m always interested to hear your thoughts.


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