Seldon’s Sculpture

Seldon Rogers jpegI’ve gotta say it–the kids at my church ROCK!!!

My church boasts a bevy of talented people, each taking his or her turn glorifying God and bringing joy to the rest of us by sharing their gifts with others, but when one of the kids steps up to the plate and hits a home run, that’s impressive enough that I want to tell everyone about it.

This past week Seldon Rogers, 12-year-old son of Rich and Stacy Rogers, was mentioned during service and congratulated on his notable sculpture, which we were told appeared in this past Sunday’s edition of the Daily Review, circa 8/11/2013.  Not many of us had seen the picture at that time, but the mention of it and Seldon’s recognition by the paper made me curious.  I wanted to see what Seldon had produced.  Although the copy of the picture doesn’t translate well when scanned, I thought it would suffice for this blog post and meet the goal of making it possible for everyone at MPWC to see the work of another budding artist inside the ranks of our congregation.

Having artistically gifted sons of my own, I was especially excited to see Seldon’s sculpture. I hope you are too!

If you see Seldon this week, mention his work and give him a pat on the back. There is some real talent displayed in this piece. Let’s inspire him to do more!  The art world could use a few more Christian’s, don’t you agree?

Thanks, Seldon, for creating something so interesting.  I love it!

Editor’s note:  Seldon created his sculpture with nothing more than construction paper, scissors, and that great imagination God gave him.  He’s a middle child, which explains this phenomena.  Middle children always have to work harder–I ought to know, I am one.  🙂


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