Grands: Aren’t they grand?

mini mesSo, this weekend we made a mad dash to the big R, to help out the kiddos with some sorting, redirecting, constructing and such. I hate short visit, cuz the grands don’t know how to process us sweeping in and sweeping back out again in 24 hrs. As predicted, poor Beanie cried real tears when it was time to come home on Saturday night. Ah, but I have commitments that need to be kept, right?

I don’t know…

Anyway, while we were there and Beanie went down for a nap, we took J-man for a day trip…Just Lumpa, the boy, and me. We went to the farmers market, yum, where we got a bunch of fresh veggies and some fruit to consume later. I had my first bite of donut peaches, and I loved them! J-man liked ’em too, so we took a bag home. I wished later that I had gotten two bags, they were that good.

donut peachesNext stop, the Garden Center.  If you have never been to a place like this, I feel sorry for you.  What, five acres, okay, maybe three acres of trees, shrubs, flowers, plants and lawn and garden “stuff”.  They have this huge section of tropical plants, and I do mean HUGE.  They had palms and cacti and all sorts of things I had never seen before growing in there. J-man LOVED it!  I did too. It was like a jungle in there, and so hot.  Humid, you know.  For the plants.  One of the terrariums had a plastic dinosaur/lizard in it. J wanted to know, “Is it real?”  I love grandchildren. When was the last time you were amazed by a plastic lizard?

garden centerOur next stop took us across town.  Actually, I was lost, but I’ll never admit that. 🙂  I thought I knew where Union Street was, but didn’t.  I finally remembered, but in the meantime, we explored.

We were looking for the water park as we drove around town.  Problem was, we didn’t bring trunks or towels for J-man to use while there.  We considered stopping at one of the many garage sales in town, but decided against it. I’m a bug freak, and I didn’t want my precious grands wearing someone else’s shorts without said shorts having been laundered.  I’m funny that way.  So here’s what we did:  We used his street clothes.  Who hasn’t done that a time or two with lil ones?  It’ll be fine, I told him.  He was skeptical, and we did have to go through a few anxious moments with a safety pinning that was needed in order to keep said street clothes around waist while wet, but it all worked out.  J-man did not get very wet because Lumpa would not go in the water with him, and he was sure not going in alone.  Once he convinced Lumpa to walk under a watery rainbow with him.  It was off at the time, but you know it sprayed him and Lumpa before they had gotten all the way through–of course. Ha, so much fun!

Next, we headed for the dry park.  There, we found a winding little stream where it was safe for grands to play.  J absolutely adores exploring, so he and Lumpa walked hand in hand around the edges of the lil stream while I rested my foot.  It was so cute watching them, walking side by side and talking together about the water, the scum, the bugs, and such. I took a few pictures of them with the cell phone from my perch under the shade tree.  It like to melt my heart, I tell you, so cute were the two of them together.

It was late by now, and time for us to head back home.  Beanie would be up from his nap, and supper would soon be served. We had veggies and fruits to wash and eat, and more fun to have before we headed south.

On the way home, J said this:  “Grana, I wish you and Lumpa could live with us forever.  I wish we could all live together.”

Lumpa said, “Oh, I don’t know about that. I think you’d get pretty sick of us if we lived with you all the time.”

To which J replied, “I would never do that.  I would never be sick of you, Lumpa.”

Talk about conversations that warm the heart and stir the soul all at the same time!  Wow.  I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it, let alone writing it here, but I wanted to capture this moment for the future.  J is an energetic four-year-old right now and will turn five in September.  Beanie is just two years old.  Too quickly they will grow and conversations like the one we had Saturday will be no more.


For now, though, I’m basking in the light of two lovely little boys who make life sweeter, more energetic, and definitely more creative for me, Lumpa, and Unca Bunny.  Aren’t Grands Grand?!!


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