The Fix is in


Recently, I asked my guys to help me update our master bath with some panel strips that could be used to secure hooks I needed on the wall for hanging towels and such.  Above, you see a picture of my bathroom wall before the FIX was in place.

Note: We had to buy a new drill for this update, since the old ones were those stupid battery pack jobbers, that btw do not hold a charge.  I hate those things, so we went a bought a cordless corded one that I am hoping will last a long, long time compared to those toys we had purchased in the past.

The picture below is a shot of the spot next to the shower that had a towel rack there, but let loose of it after only a few uses.  I hate dry wall because it’s so much trouble screwing into it, but I love dry wall for the look.  I love this shade of paint, too, and the white trim of the windows.  It makes the bathroom look clean all the time, and that is a particularly nice function of paint, I think.


We got the trim pieces cut at Lowe’s, where we purchased them, but they had to be pre-drilled, too.  Matt and Bob worked together to get those holes where they needed to be. Notice, it was a beautiful day when we did this.  Perfect weather for outside work, but we are inside doing what needs to be done. Don’t you feel sorry for us?




Matt is really concentrating in the above shot.  Still, we didn’t get the holes exactly right.  Oh well, good enough for a country girl’s bathroom.  So long as it helps the towels to hang where I need them, I’m happy.

Matt sizing up the towel rack…


Matt then needing to file down the ends of the towel rack…


He wore his dad’s bike helmet for this piece of the puzzle and part of the job.  The last thing we needed was for him to get a steel shaving in his eye when putting up dime store trim and bathroom fixtures.  Better safe than sorry, and this was the only shield we had.

Hey, don’t laugh. Country girls make do.


Matt didn’t want to look goofy in this picture and on my blog, but I made him give me the thumbs up and he never reads my stuff anyway, so he’ll never know I included this one.

Shhhh, don’t you dare tell!

Looks nice, doesn’t it?  And the towels stay in place, and don’t end up on the floor while we are using the shower or washing our hands.  Success!


After we added the functional pieces of trim needed to hold towels in our master bathroom, we decided we probably should run other pieces around the parts of the bathroom we did not include first time around.  That section between the mirror and door looks bare, really bare, about now.  We may fit a piece in that goes from the mirror to the wall, but will probably not try to jigsaw our way around the light fixtures to insert a piece there. Not worth the hassle.

Next up, a piece of cork needs to be added to the strip of trim next to the mirror so I can pin prayer reminders to my wall.  I forget things, if I don’t habitually write them down.


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