Fabulous Friday


Why is today fabulous?

If you’re me, today is fabulous because it’s the end of the work week, and I’m ready for a rest.

Today is fabulous because the weekend looms, and there are farmer’s markets out there I’m ready to inspect.

Today is fabulous because when I woke up this morning, I had not gained the 2 lbs I thought I might.  Yep, I have ice cream again last night. :0

Today is fabulous because I’m being led by the Holy Spirit, who is so good at giving out baskets full of grace, love, caring, hugs, affirmations, and attaboys.  It doesn’t even have to be Halloween for me to get that basket. I can go back any time, and he’s got it ready and waiting.  Sweet!  Powerful!!

Today is fabulous because CW has agreed to keep pupper this weekend.  Thank you, girlfriend.

Mauser the Schnauzer

Mauser the Schnauzer

But the  most important reason why today is fabulous is because today, after work, but before the weekend begins, I’m going to Rochacha to spend a few days with the kiddos–my favorite activity of all time!


Have a FABULOUS weekend, everyone.  I know I will.  J turns five in a few days, and on Sunday we will celebrate this important milestone.DSC_0055

Happy Birthday, J!  Granna loves you!!


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