E Pluribus Abdominus

Megan Hoose was in a play last weekend. BJ was commissioned to create some artwork for the project. Both my kiddos have the most amazing creative spirits–what a blessing they are to me. I wanted to share some of the wealth with you today. You had to be at the play to enjoy Megan’s contribution, but no reason why you can’t see what BJ worked on to help amp up the humor. Enjoy!  Laugher is still free.  😉


Envelope 1 Take 2

Envelope 2bEnvelope 3

Last week I was commissioned to create some envelopes for a speech introducing a play. The speech was going to uncover the truth that Lincoln did not write the Gettysburg address on an envelope on the way to Gettysburg. My job was to show what he was really doing in that train car.

The first envelope shows that he had a few things on his to do list. The second one gives you a look into Lincoln’s hopes about his legacy and the final shows you that he was working on a concept for his gaming avatar. I know you’ve all seen the Battle President illustration in a previous incarnation, but I hope that it’s new context will help you enjoy it again.

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