Cultivating a Prophetic Ear

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…” Jeremiah 1:4-6

 …the key to discovering your prophetic voice is cultivating a prophetic ear. Mark Batterson

The ability to listen and give positive feedback is important, don’t you think? Even more important to the growth and development of God’s people than the giving of positive feedback, though, is the ability to provide sound, godly, grace-filled and inspiring commentary that finds its origins in the Good Book.

When we speak in the church, we ought to speak out of knowledge of God’s goodness, his instructions, his grace, and the volumes of instruction He has provided about how to live the successful Christian life.

When we speak, we ought to utter God’s opinion, and not our own.

The problem with finding this kind of counsel today is that so many, even among church goers, are biblically illiterate.

I had this truth demonstrated to me by a wise pastor, who asked his congregation one Sunday to name the twelve disciples without looking them up in their Bibles. I was stumped. I could get 10 of them, maybe 11, but all 12?

I couldn’t do it.

And I was teaching Sunday School and Bible studies all the time.

I was in the Word, as we say, but I was not memorizing the Word.

I was not absorbing the Word in a way that translated to others without aid of a Bible in front of me.

I was not taking serious the Spiritual gift of prophecy.

I was not cultivating a prophetic ear.

Today, perhaps more than any day I have seen in my life time, the need for sound doctrine and biblical guidance is great. That being the case, I think those of us who have an ongoing relationship with the Lord ought to be a part of the solution to spiritual darkness.  We ought to cultivate a life of attentive adoration for the Lord, and study His narrative to men, so that we are ready to speak it forth.

The Book of the Revelation tells of a time when young men who will dream dreams, and young women will be visionaries. They will have the Word and the will of God passing to a darkened world through their lips. How will that happen, though, if our young are not schooled and instructed in the ways of the Lord?

Be ready when God calls you to speak a prophetic Word in His Name.

Start cultivating the habit of speaking truth in love now.

Today is the day of salvation, so let’s not wait another moment to begin.

Study now. Pray now. Begin now!

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