Guest Post

From time to time I ask others if they would be willing to contribute something to my blog.  I’ve done that today.

My sons are artists.  Rob teaches art, and Matt works for a newspaper, designing ads and making sure the marketing people have the tools they need to sell, sell, sell.  Both of these sons of mine are incredibly talented individuals in their own right, and both of them write for fun and profit–mostly for fun (although at least one of them would very much like to profit from writing).  Ah, wouldn’t we all?!

Today, I would like to post a short story that Matt wrote when I sent him a prompt and a challenge.  Here is what I wrote to him:

A guy has a watch tattooed on his forearm. He does it because his whole life he has been late.

Late to puberty.

Late to faith.

Late to love.

Late to life.

One day, while in a worship service, hands lifted, he notices that the dial on his tattooed watch that used to be set to one o’clock (forever a reminder to his retarded sense of timing), now reads 2:30pm. What could it mean? When did this happen?  How should he respond?

Write his story.  GO!

You can read how Matt responded to my challenge, here.  Enjoy this whimsical story about time, life, and changes that make all the difference!


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