Time Change

Have you ever felt like you were chasing your own tail for days at a time? That’s what I have been doing lately. Chasing my tail and not exactly keeping up.

It’s not been easy, being so busy lately. I ask myself, what am I busy doing? The answer, I guess, is a smidgen or this, and a smattering of that. It doesn’t really amount to much, this busyness I’m engaged in, but it does keep me busy.

I guess being busy isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it doesn’t feel good to me. Being busy keeps me away from the things I feel like I ought to do, like reaching out to others, helping where an extra pair of hands would be an advantage, and focusing on something other than myself.

If I’m too busy to help others, than I’m too busy.

Something needs to change.

When I get ready to make a change, the first thing I want to do is pray. Prayer Changes Things, this I know, but it also steadies me for the change to come. Today, I’m asking God to reveal to me what the change in my life ought to be. I’m asking Him to send me a note, a word, a glimmer of understanding about what that change might be. I’m asking Him to confirm the word He sends, too. It’s not like I don’t have enough to do already, or that I need to go looking for other stuff to tackle. That’s not what I’m after today. I’m after a mission…a need…I’m looking for vital kingdom work to do.

I’m confident God will reveal to me where I might be of better service than where I’m serving now. It’s time to step out and do something different. Time to evaluate what I’ve been doing. Time to dream a little and open myself to a different way of acting and behaving. Time to meditate and draw close to the Source of all Joy.

What are you dreaming about these days? Is God shifting you away from this, to pursue that? Do you find it important to take time to dream when life gets crazy?


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