Winners and Losers

…your desire [and] craving will be for your husband, and he will rule over you. Genesis 3:16

Encourage one another… 1 Thess 5:11

If you’re a modern woman in this modern world the message found in Genesis 3:16 might not seem all that encouraging to you.  Let me explain why I found it noteworthy.


The word that is translated “desire” in this verse has a very different connotation in the original text from what we might think; one lost in translation (or so I’m told). At its root, the word is not referring to the woman’s desire to be intimate with her mate, as we know intimacy. Rather, it means that with the curse, women would forever after desire to get the upper hand over their male counterparts, performed through various means:

emotional manipulation


the silent treatment

the cold shoulder


outright hostility.

It suggests that even as the struggle to be dominant in our parings runs ruby red in the veins of women, men are slated to win that fight.  Yep, the guys have this one.

Side note:  I may be seeing myself in this scenario regarding female wrangling. Not now of course, but earlier, when I was a younger, more immature, less able to hold my sharp tongue.  😉

The fact is, marriages fail every day, due in part to a curse that lingers and its impact on all those who would enter into relationships that push God away.

Is your marriage on rocky ground today?

Let’s pray.

Do you know anyone who is engaged and about to embark upon a lifetime together with a mate?

We can include them in our prayers.

You are aware that dark forces constantly tempt good-hearted people to usurp one another’s power, position, and place in God’s, right?

Let’s pray that our enemies can’t find a foothold in our lives and marriages today.

Prayer is one of our most important defenses against the onslaught of trouble that comes when weakness leads in our marriages. But thank God, Jesus is with us, so we know we have the help we need to stop destructive behaviors.

Solid marriages depend on us leaning into God and surrendering our wills and our lives to him.

Please, take a few moments out of your day to pray for the men in our churches and those women they have partnered with through marriage—asking Jesus to bless us all and correct any behaviors that might not bring glory to Him or strengthen our mates.

Together, we get better!


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