Come Alongside

You wouldn’t think that you’d have to be on your guard with those you love, would you?

You wouldn’t think you’d have to walk so lightly.

You wouldn’t think you’d have to parse out every word in careful sentences, so that offense could be avoided and peace maintained.

You wouldn’t think you’d have to pray so hard to avoid problem areas when actively involved in ministry, but you’d be wrong.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is simple.  It is not easy.

Anyone who has ever tried to serve Jesus first, last, and always has run up against a brick wall at some point. The world is full of people who don’t serve Jesus. In fact, truth be told, there are many more of them than there are us, and sometimes we share the same living space with them.

That’s where problems are born.  But…

…we know something those others don’t know.  The born again understand that the air we all breathe, the hope any of us has, the love any of us feels, and the reality any of us experiences is due to one thing–One King–and His name is Jesus. He is first, last, and always with us; guiding us,

encouraging us

strengthening us

equipping us

instructing us

rebuking us, and…

…moving us back onto the path of His will for our lives when we wander off.

This work Jesus does without fail, every day, week after week, for as many years as walk on this earth and beyond.

He is a refining fire that is with us, in us, around us, and working through us at all times.

So then, what shall we fear?

Today, pray for those who are stepping out in faith with the Lord.

Pray for those who are struggling to keep in step with him and bring balance to their lives.

Pray for those who have slipped in their footing and fallen.

Help them up if you can. Move to their side.

Listen. Pray. Avoid giving advice, but be present.

When you speak, speak to them the words of Life that renew spirits and rebuild confidences, but not from a point of personal advantage.

Hasten their understanding through your own dedication to prayer and meditation; studying, showing yourself approved and rightly handling spiritual truth, seasoned with grace–always seasoned with grace.

Be ready and armed with all you need to bring life to another living in darkness, and KNOW that God has chosen YOU to be his hands, his feet, and his mouthpiece in this world.

Pray, then do, and watch as the miracle happens.

Love DOES!


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