Desperate for Hope?

Do you ever wonder if God loves you? Have you thought that the troubles you face in life are a punishment and not coincidence? Are you now, or have you ever faced a period in time when you doubted if God could turn things around, could heal your hurt, could make you whole again?

I know. I’ve been there…

…but I will tell you something I know equally well: Pain cannot stop the work of the Living God when He is on a redemption tour!

Our Heavenly Father knows what he is doing, and every minute of every day, of every year of our lives He is working redemption; through the pain, through the doubt, through the sickness, through the laughter, through the disappointment, through the exhaustion, and through the endless nights of questions and confusion.

Love does for us what we could never do for ourselves.

I share the following link today in the hope that you will follow it to Jared Barden’s blog.

Jared is my nephew, the husband of Danielle, son to Brian and Brenda, and awesome dad to Fitzgerald and Enoch. He is part and parcel of my family, and one of the bright lights in my life. I love him. Not only do I love him, but I love what God is doing through him.

I think if you would ask Jared, “Are you fearless?” He would say, NO.

I disagree. I think he is fearless, and moreover, I think he and Danielle are surrendered. They are victors in this world, because they see what others don’t see and they obey when others would run.

Jared, Danielle, Fitzgerald, Enoch: I am praying for you today, and I’m so proud of you. Stay strong, dear ones, and keep looking up. Jesus has a plan he’s working out through you and it includes others. Keep leaning in toward Him. He will never let you down.

Take a minute.

Be refreshed.

Renew your hope.

Find assurance.

Be confident.

Trust the right One.

Don’t give up.

Read THIS BLOG today!

And may the love and safety, and purpose God has for all his children, shine down on you and give you peace.



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