Powerless Yet Full of Power

Sometimes, mere mortals worry.


Because we realize pretty quickly in life that we are powerless over almost everything, and in the beginning that causes us to fear.

For crying out loud, we experience troubles when trying to control ourselves, let alone all the variables that go into raising up a family and a community, so we think fear is justified.

We forget that we serve an all-knowing, all-powerful, all righteous God who realizes that we are clay and lovingly listens to our prayers for our children, our spouses, our grands, and our neighbors.

What a relief to go to God in prayer and know He hears, He cares, and He answers.

In the same way that God makes grass grow for cattle, and provides wine and oil for human hearts and skin, he makes a way for His prodigy.


Where there is no way, HE MAKES A WAY, and where there is no blessing, he brings in the harvest, in due time. Today, we can be sure that while serving the God of the harvest, the God of promise, the God of might, and the God of majesty, we are safely held in loving arms.

We don’t need to struggle, wrestle with demons, fight against strongholds, or muster puny armies to make God love us more. We already have all the love and power we need, but in order to benefit from it, we must understand our weakness and depend on His strength.
Today, pray for weakness to fill you.

Pray for powerlessness to do its work in you.

Pray that your children will be brought to their knees in recognition of God’s sovereignty over their lives.

Pray that our church will be filled with awe when approaching the Holy One.

Pray that our words might be anointed by Him.

Pray that when we speak, the angels will listen and say AMEN, because they will know we have spoken only those words God provided for us to utter.

Pray for grace to fall on us, and for us to realize it when it does.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and that America will experience revival.

Pray for God to fill us completely and leave no dark corner untouched by His redeeming power.

Pray, Pray, and then PRAY again, for God says: Pray without ceasing.”

Prayer Changes Things!

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