No Time

Many, many thoughts have been swimming through my head lately, and I want, oh how I want to write about them.  Why can’t I?  Where does the time go?  Why can’t I organize my life in such a way that I have the time I need to get this stuff on paper or into cyber space?

Only God knows these things.

I seem to find time for almost everything except writing.  Well, that’s not true. I do write, but usually the writing I do is more a devotional style or little quips and quotes posted to facebook.

And speaking of facebook, is anyone else frustrated with all the junk that is posted there these days?  Maybe it was always full of junk, but man, it seems full of junk these days.

Anyway, back to writing, or kabitzing, or whatever it was I was doing a minute ago.  I had tons of ideas for essays on my way to work this morning. So many topics I want to chime in concerning, and so many points I want to make. There is a ton of great information in the Bible that speaks to man’s condition in these days. I want to apply it all to what’s going on around me, but where do I find the time?

I could watch less TV. Seems like a no-brainer, I know, but if the TV is still blaring in my living room, writing is hard.  It just is.

I could quit my job and stay home to write.  Ah, but then the phone would ring, and I’d have to keep going to McDs to post my blogs, and after a while I wouldn’t be able to buy the gas it would take to make that trip, so quitting my job is probably out of the question.

I could wake up earlier.  That’s an option I ought to explore, but I’m betting that if I did wake up earlier I would snore through my writing.  Not if I went to bed earlier, though. Yes, this seems like a doable thing, a possible solution.  I might try getting up earlier.

I could take a break on the weekends and travel some place quiet, and write there.  I have actually thought of this solution more than once.  Where, oh where, is our time machine.  I could go to so many interesting places to write. But then, would I?  Or would I want to see the sights?  Still, a trip to Boston or Phili for the weekend, hold up in a hotel to write, that sounds fine. It’s just not an everyday solution.

One thing I know, this neighborhood is familiar territory for me.  I’ve been here many times before: Excited about writing, but lacking the time to actually do it the way it needs to be done.  Maybe I’ll try visiting that website that tells ya how to write a novel in 30 days.  I could use a push right now.  Anyone out there want to join me?  Let’s make time to write together.  And if that’s not something you’d like to do, just pray for me. I know the answer is out there–I just have to find a little time to think about it.  🙂

One thought on “No Time

  1. J Bird says:

    I am retired, lots of time now, right, not! I am finding if I don’t schedule my time, someone else will.
    If I don’t schedule time for writing, I won’t.
    Would love to join you because I need that push to change things up in order to find my best yes!


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