Snow, Flowers, and Sick Grands

This is what I woke up to yesterday in NEPA…


That and this…


Everything was covered with snow and the sky was a gray hue. This morning, the same.

This is what my car looked like:


This was what it looked like heading home from work later in the day.  We scrapped and scrapped in the morning and still could not get all the ice off.


That’s the back window, after the heater and back defroster had been running full speed for fifteen minutes.  Stubborn ice!


This is what it looked like when I began my commute home in the afternoon. This is a picture of US Route 6, just outside of Towanda.  Slick, but passable.

Can I just say that I am sick of this cold and snow, and we haven’t even been hit badly by the storms yet.  Check out this picture from a home in upstate NY.


Yep, that’s snow blown up past the window sill.  Wow!  So glad spring is on its way.

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday.  In celebration of the holiday I bought a plant last week at Wegman’s.  A steal for $3.99.  I love Wegman’s!


Isn’t it pretty?  I bought the lil chalk board a couple weeks before the flower. I’ve been having fun writing all kinds of love notes since then and leaving them on the table, the counter top, the stove.  My hubs likes them and even called me one day to say thanks for a note that I left on the table that read: U R Loved!  🙂

Here’s another shot of the flower, with a different light setting. Which do you like better?  Red is my favorite color.


Finally, I wanted to post a pic of J, our sicky boy this week.


That shot was taken last year, when it was warm.  Ear infections are so painful, and this guy has him one. I had them ALOT as a kid. I only half hear now because of them.

What??!  😉

Do you have icy winter weather to deal with this winter, or are you soaking up the sun in some warm climate somewhere?  What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?  Will flowers make it to your desk or table, or do you prefer candy?


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