We will not be shaken

Did you see the news this weekend, the news of Coptic Christians and Egyptians being murdered along the banks of a Libyan sea?  Did you recoil in shock?  Did you pray for those who were lined up, like so many cattle, prepared for slaughter?

Did you think of the families of those who had died, of their lives snuffed out, of their sacrifice, or their status now as martyrs?

Today, I dedicate this blog to those who were taken by darkness in recent days.  Their murderers might think they will have the last word. They won’t, of course.  While it is true that a dark spirit of murder is moving across the globe, we also know our God is strong and can do all things, especially when it comes to bringing light into the darkness that exists just this side of dawn.

This is our world today, and our reality, but as the darkness grows, so does the light. Hallelujah!

We will not be moved in our witness for Christ, and we will not be moved in our devotion to prayer and praise, not because of these things.  We will pray specifically because murderers live and perform treacherous deeds.

Do terrible things happen here? Yes.

Are they meant to extinguish our faith? Yes.

Will we allow them to shake us free of our devotion to Christ? No, because we know that when you live on the battle field, pain is inevitable.  We trust our pain to God and believe it is accomplishing something glorious, even as it is awful to watch and worse to endure.

We honor those who have been slain. May God watch tenderly over their immortal souls.



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