10 Reasons Why I Wanna Be a Voice, and not an Echo

Consider this:

A lot of people let others do their thinking for them and then just repeat what they’ve heard. I think these people are an echo and not a voice. —Kris Vallootton or KVMinistries.com

Wow, profound.

I have a bit to say about that.

First: I LIKE-Y!!!

Secondly:  I think far too many people are acting as echos today, and far too few are being real voices of the age:  Helpful voices. Ministering voices. Reliable voices. Calm voices that speak truth.

Third:  I want to be a voice, not an echo.

Fourth:  I hate passive aggressive echoing, even though I sometimes slip into echo mode myself.

Fifth: My kinda writing focuses on principles, not personalities, because while I want to be an accurate narrator, I’m not seeking to be a mean girl.  I want to be a voice, not a ball bat.

What’s that mean?  If you see yourself in one of my posts, you’re probably there in some way.  Nothing’s new under the sun and we all borrow extensively from life, so this shouldn’t shock any of you.   When I write, I’m  most often speaking out of experience.  Therefore, if you know me and I know you, at some point you will be featured on my blog.  However, only on those occasions when I have wonderful things to say about you, or I’m commenting on your boldness and courage, brilliance and giftedness, will I mention you by name.  Your anonymity is important to me, especially when you’re struggling.  Still, when people act out in my corner of the kingdom, yeah, I’m prolly going to talk about it.  Not them, but the behaviors I observe. This, too, is part of being a voice and not an echo.

Sixth:  As a writer, I analyze. I critique, then sort out and stack up information, and then write about what I’ve discovered or experienced.  If I don’t take a stand or express a personal opinion in my writing, I’m a mere echo of information.  I don’t want to be an echo.

Seventh: I’m almost never happy when I have allowed someone else to think for me.

Eighth: As I make connections or form conclusions that are relevant in my life, I write about them. It’s what I do.  It’s part of my spiritual gifting.  It’s me.

Ninth:  I believe repeating what I’ve heard (when it doesn’t concern me or affect my life), is gossip and I try to avoid it.  I’m not perfect, and neither are you, so why kabitz about our imperfections when there is no goal in sight or help has not been requested?  When what others are doing does concern me or affect my quality of life, however, I will most likely write about it.  That’s how this whole writing thing works…how I work.

Tenth:  If being me and speaking my mind in my writing, or on my blog means we can no longer be friends then I will be sad, because at the end of the day I want to be a voice, not an echo, and I’m hoping my friends and family share my dreams and aspirations and support me in pursuit of them.  Voices have opinions of their own, while echos share other people’s opinions.  I want to be a voice, even when my friends wish I didn’t.

This post is my declaration, and perhaps a warning to those of you who live and interact with me.  I’ll probably be talking about you in the future, or something you, or I are dealing with, struggling through, or praying against. When I do, if it’s hard stuff I’m writing about, know I will not mention you by name.  I will, however, talk about attitudes, habits, and misconstrued logic as I see it, both with a strong voice and a loving  heart.  My purpose in writing is never to harm, but to be true to my convictions and share those convictions with others.  To that end, I invite you to come back again, to find me fighting off echos and further developing my writing style, my voice, and my blog.

When were you glad to have a strong voice speaking hope to a time of conflict in your life?  How has your strong voice saved you from the flood of dissipation so prevalent today?


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Wanna Be a Voice, and not an Echo

  1. jaredbarden says:

    Love it! I want to be a voice, and not an echo, as well.

    I, however, have to learn to not be a pot stirrer and actually add something of real value to what I’m writing and sharing.


    • lorihoose says:

      Thanks, Jared, for stopping by and for commenting. I hope as people read this they understand what I’m aiming for with my comments. Of course that won’t be the case with everyone. Some, because of how they process any comment will take offense. My hope with this declaration is to remind myself that its important to chime in with social commentary about things that matter, but like you I do not aim to stir the pot, or create controversy for controversy’s sake. Visitors to this site will not understand my person, but I am confident friends and family will. So grateful for readers like you.


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