DIY-Dry Erase Board-Part 2

Last Friday, I blogged about a new DIY project I had embarked upon.  You can read about that here.  The project turned out great, but the hanging of the dry erase board was another matter.  I thought I was so smart and it was going to go up easily on my bathroom wall. I was wrong.

As you read last week, I made a paper template to help with positioning the new frame on the wall, but somehow it didn’t help.  The template helped to know how far apart the nails needed to be for hanging, but it was all wrong with regards to balance (getting it level on the wall). I still don’t know what I did wrong, but here are a few pictures to explain what I attempted.



These Phantom Hook hooks work great for securing frame or other artwork to drywall. They hold up to 50 lbs of pressure.  We love them!

I think I need to also check out this Bulldog Hardward product. Keep reading and you’ll see why.


I tried really hard to get the paper template level, but no luck.  Like I said, I don’t know where I failed in this attempt, but I did. The frame wasn’t level when the nails were done being driven in to the wall.



Our house is stud poor, which is why we often use these hooks. They really do work great with drywall, but don’t help at all with leveling your work. Hee, Hee.

Here’s how it looked after my first attempt at installation.


Just a tad crooked, right?


Not good enough, so I tried again.


This was three attempts later, and the wall now has several pock marks).  Oh, well, they’re covered by one fantastic looking DIY dry erase board, people, so who cares, right?!

At this point, I said…


That picture is blurry because I used two markers in tandem to write the message, but it made my head feel funny reading it–like I used a shaky cam to film my DIY.  It adds an unnerving queasiness to the project, so I change the message to this…


I was…


Well, with the exception of a bit of red, in honor of St. Valentine.  🙂


I used a couple different camera settings to take these pictures. I’m trying to find out what works best in which light. Sorry for the blurry images at some points.

I like my new dry erase board with the light beige burlap texture.  I think it is going to be much more soothing in the bathroom than the patio tray.  This project took me maybe an hour to complete.  Woohoo, I love it!

I am so proud of myself for finishing this.  I’m the queen of half-done projects, so it felt good to get this done and have a beautiful piece for my bathroom when I was finished.

If you will indulge me…

One more picture, please!


What home projects have you enjoyed doing?  Which ones did you hate?



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